Join us

If you are interested in coming along to see what we are all about, don’t be shy, we are a welcoming group and have rides to suit most ability levels.

We like you to try 2-3 rides before then deciding to formally join the club (or not).

To find a suitable first ride to join and to make sure the ride leader is expecting you, please click here to send us your contact details by email.

If you include your phone number and the times when you might be available, someone will call to discuss which ride to join and answer any other questions you have. Otherwise we will just use email.

Please be patient – the club is run by volunteers and sometimes they are busy or away!

You can sign-up with on the British Cycling website here

Membership costs £20 annually from 2nd January, though those joining from 1st September get the next year included. Unfortunately we cannot accept junior members (under 18’s) as we do not have the qualified trainers, ride leaders or welfare officers required. However, juniors are welcome to join rides if accompanied by a parent/guardian member who is willing to take responsibility for them, and they are capable of completing the rides.

You do not need to be a member of British Cycling to join the Ruthin Cycling Club – they just handle our membership payments, expiry etc., for which they charge a £1 fee.

Younger Members

Should a person under 18 wish go on a club ride they must be accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility. We also ask that the parent/guardian completes a consent form (see our website Club Documents page for a template) and hand it to the ride leader before the ride.
We cannot accept under-18’s on club rides as we use public roads.

Several local clubs are accredited or registered as British Cycling Go-Ride clubs, so do cater for younger riders and may have access to off-road facilities. You can find local Go-Ride clubs on the British Cycling website here.

They include:

Fibrax Wrexham Roads Club

Rhyl Cycling Club

Velo Club Melyd

Oneplanet Adventure